How do you identify different types of bed bugs and how to get rid of them?

types of bed bugs

Bed bugs are tiny blood-sucking creature and generally remains unseen to the naked eyes. People always want to eliminate them from home as soon as possible, but after identifying them. When the infestation increase, you notice rashes, itchy skin. And you find that it is almost impossible to get rid of without the professional’s help.

Pest control Birkdale does a wonderful job in eliminating these nasty creatures. However, learning how to get rid of it will help protect your family from the worse situation ahead.

What are the different types of bed bugs in your Birkdale home?

Different types of Bed bugs crawl quickly and live in beds, mattresses, and furniture of hotels, homes, theatres, etc. Knowing the two species of bed bugs that are present in your home:

Common Bed bugs:

These bugs are adapted to the temperature climate and are present everywhere in the world. These are 4-6 mm apple seed size flat body, U-shape neck with wings, and short legs. However, if you are unsure what is crawling on your bed, take pest control service for Birkdale home to identify them correctly.

Tropical Bed Bugs:

As the name suggests, they are present in tropical regions with high humidity and temperature and have 4-6 mm body size. The early infestation is limited to beddings and mattresses, while later, it spreads to cracks, boards, boxes, etc.

How to do Bed bugs control?

Bed bugs control is hard to imagine without the help of expert Pest control in Birkdale. Here are some simple tips to get rid of bed bugs:

Identifying the infested area:

Identifying where bed bugs hide helps in getting rid of bedbugs.

  • Near the gap of frame, headboard, and box.
  • The cushion of the bed and furniture
  • In the furniture, electric board, wallpaper, shoe rack
  • Also, in the ceiling, curtains, drawers
  • Mattress and its cover


Once you have done a bed bugs inspection and found the infested materials, it is time to clean. First, clean everything in hot water and let dry for high heat settings for 30 minutes. Remember, temperature above 45 degrees is an excellent way of killing them.

Alternatively, rapid freezing overnight will also kill bed bugs, but we can understand the complexities of this process. Also, the regular vacuum will help to remove eggs of bed bugs.


There are many pesticides sprays, fumigation, and plant-oil-based products available, which you can purchase from the store. However, do not forget to implement multiple treatments to get rid of them fully.

Eliminate Bed bugs with the help of Pest control professionals in Birkdale:

Bed bugs are apple seed size, and if a single bug remains, multiplication will take only 6-7 days. Moreover, if you are applying a chemical treatment to the bedroom, you have to be cautious. However, the safest way is to hire an experienced Pest Control professional in Birkdale for effective bed bugs removal.