How To Keep Possums Off Your Property

Possums are very small and mostly are white in colour. They like to live with human beings and they avoid solitary places. If Possums want to live in a human colony then humans can have problems with them. Possums can spoil their food. They will also make our house dirty. They can harm our family members, mostly children. Possums are mostly in Australia. You should remove them quickly from houses to  protect our family members. There are many pest control ways from which Possums can be removed but there are some ways to prevent them from entering our house. Now we’re gonna talk about those ways. These ways are natural and can be done at home. There will be no need for an outsider.

possums removal
Possums Removal

Some Ways To Keep Possums away from your Property:-

Possums are very small so we can’t see them with our naked eyes and we would not find them in our houses. If there are no Possums Inspection in your home then it would be a very good time to use these ideas because once we prevent them from entering the house then we can get rid of them. 

  1. Firstly we have to cover our ventilation ducts with metal vent covers. These are metal sheets which cover the ducts and prevent Possums from entering our house. 
  2. Secondly we can make them fool by making fake statues of dogs and cats so that they will fear them and will stay away from our house. These models should be changed every few days. If Possums acknowledged the truth behind statues then they would ignore these models. So be careful in using this. 
  3. Another you can install a reflecting surface in the perimeter of your property. These reflecting surfaces will reflect light on Possums when they come in contact with sensors if these lights. The reflection of light will scare them and prevent them from entering our house. 
  4. Nowadays many people use the hair of their pet dog or cat. This hair helps to scare Possums. Firstly you collect hairs that are detached from the body of your pet then fill them in bags and hang them on trees, doorsteps. These hairs have the smell of your pet then Possums will recognise this smell and they will pay attention because they would think that there can be predators in this house and Possums can become their prey. So they will automatically stay out of your house. 
  5. Everyone can spray a pest outside their doorstep so that possums will die while entering your house and in this way you can prevent them from entering into your house.


Always try to keep Possums away from your house because you will not have to kill them. If once, Possums have entered in the then we have to kill them in order to eliminate Possums from our house. So, be attentive in your house and also outside your house. If you notice anything which is not normal then you should take action because there can be Possums in your garden which would try to enter your house. It is very important to do possum removal on time. For that you can hire the best pest control company.